Harmonious Hjarðarból Guesthouse

A Personal Touch in a Special Part of South Iceland

Hjardarbol (8)Hjarðarból Guesthouse is a family-owned business situated in a beautiful part of the Ölfus district, which has the feel of being far from the bustle of Reykjavik, but it is just a short drive away. The guesthouse offers 21 comfortable rooms ranging from doubles to family accommodation, and the owners debuted a hot tub facility on the property this past summer that was a huge hit among guests.  Taking a soak after a long day of exploring the region is an ideal way to relax and recharge for the next day of excursions. Hjardarbol (14)Hjardarbol (10)

Hjardarbol (4)Hjardarbol (1)Delicious Jams
Guests will also find a delicious breakfast buffet with homemade jams prepared by the owner, which is a favourite among guests. Visitors are often thrilled to learn that jams are available to purchase in the lobby, and take a tasty souvenir of their visit home with them.
In addition to a modern building on the property, Hjarðarból has a structure affectionately nicknamed The Old House, which is the first house ever built in the area. The darling house was built in 1950 and represents the history of the area. The owners are renovating at least four rooms that will be ready by Christmas, focusing on tasteful décor and the comfort of first-time and returning guests.
Consider Hjarðarból Guesthouse for a home-away-from-home experience in South Iceland. -JG

Hjarðarból Guesthouse

Hjarðarból • 816 Ölfus
+354 567-0045
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