_MG_1165Celebrate Horse Riding
Íshestar’s 30 years of exciting riding tours and satisfied riders.

It’s an anniversary worth celebrating. Many riders return annually to ride with the family-owned company whose philosophy is ‘we care and share’. They care for their riders, for their enjoyment and safety. They care for their horses and training and share them with people who like to ride, adult or child, novice or experienced. They share the beauty of the Icelandic countryside, both the local nature and, for those taking the longer tours, the spectacular upcountry experience.
A Tour for Every Rider
If you’re on a weekend trip or a longer stay, there’s a tour designed for you. Schoolchildren and families take the Family Adventure Tour and then visit the rabbits and other animals. Guests can take a ride combined with whale-watching, a trip to Gulfoss and Geysir or the Blue Lagoon. The Viking Tour is a 5-6 hour tour for more experienced riders and seasoned riders can take the multi-day upcountry tours. Details are on their website.
Safety is paramount
You watch an instructional video before your tour (Find ‘íshestar’ on youtube.com) Training and help is given at every stage to make your ride fun. Hungry? Why not book a delicious lunch to eat on your return to the Riding Centre after your morning tour, or before going out in the afternoon.