KEF Expansion Plans
isavia_gudni_sigurdssonIsavia introduces a new master plan for growing tourism.
Iceland is clearly having a moment; tourism is booming and travellers can’t get enough of the island’s natural wonders. Isavia, which oversees Keflavik International Airport (KEF), reports that 25 airlines are now flying to around 80 destinations during the summer months. As for winter, Isavia’s information manager, Guðni Sigurðsson says, “We have had a strong focus on winter and year-round routes and have increased the number of year-round airlines from two in 2006 to 12 in 2016”. rvkflugturn_utsyni2_rgb_ta_expnever_9962
Increase in flights
The growth has been very fast. “Keeping up with a 260% increase since 2009 is, of course, a challenge for all our personnel but we have hard working and positive staff members working for Isavia and the other companies providing services at the airport,” says Guðni. “It is very difficult to maintain a high level of passenger satisfaction at a time of very rapid growth for many years.” However, the Airport Service Quality surveys by the Airports Council International show that the staff at the airport work hard to keep the airport at the very peak level of service, even when under a lot of pressure. leifsstod-utan-1
Airport Expansion Plan
To accommodate the dramatic increase in traffic, Isavia has produced a comprehensive plan. “We have big plans for expanding the airport,” says Guðni. “We have introduced a very ambitious new Master Plan which is our main road map until 2040.” kef-uti-gangur
Isavia is developing the plan today in three ways. First, they are currently working on an overhaul of the airfield in which they are resurfacing both the main runways, constructing rapid exit taxiways and adding hardstands.
In addition to these current projects, which are in line with the Master Plan, the company has started preparations for the construction of the expansion of the terminal to the east and to the north, which will nearly double the airport’s capacity when they are completed. “We aim to start construction of the terminal expansions in 2018,” says Guðni. rvkflugstjorn_kona_rgb_ta_expnever_830
Technology Upgrades
Isavia closely follows the latest technology developments in the business and they are implementing proven technology that eases passenger flow through the airport and decreases waiting times. “We are employing automation in all parts of the process through the terminal,” says Guðni. “The number of self-check-in kiosks is growing fast, and the use of self baggage-drop gates, automated boarding pass validation gates, and security automation are increasing very rapidly. Next year we will introduce automatic gates for border control and self-boarding.”bremsumaeling_rgb_ta_expnever_9471