Kjaransbraut, the most beautiful road in Iceland?

There is no road in Iceland as rugged as Kjaransbraut. The 50 km / 30 mi long road lies between Þingeyri in Dýrafjörður and Hrafnseyri in Arnarfjörðu. It is named after Elís Kjaran Friðfinnsson from Dýrafjörður, who laid part of the road alone and unsupported in the summer of 1973. He also completed the most devastating road section from Dýrafjörður to Lokinhamrar in Arnarfjörður, and thus finished the West Fjords ring road. The road with road number 622 does not just lie by steep cliffs. It partly lies on the beach of Arnarfjörður and is exposed to tides. The road is unpaved, single-lane and only passable for jeeps, in summer and until autumn.

Driving on the shore under Skútubjörg in Arnarfjörður. The road is completely flooded during high tide.


It is not good to meet a car on the single-lane road in Hjallafjall in Dýrafjörður.


Vestur-Ísafjarðarsýsla  14/09/2020 20:49 & 15/09/2020 10:43 – A7R IV : FE 1.8/20mm GM

Photographs and text: Páll Stefánsson