Artful freezing patterns on the lake

It is only 14 km / 9 mi from Lækjartorg Square in the heart of Reykjavík and to Hafravatn, a small lake up from Úlfarsárdalur, the newest neighbourhood of Reykjavík. The water is not large, only 1.02 km² and the average depth is about 6 meters/20 feet. There is quite a bit of char in the lake and a little bit of trout. Occasionally salmon slips into the lake as well. It costs nothing to fish in Hafravatn, but it takes both time and patience to catch them, small or large. There is an easy hiking trail around the lake, and it is as exciting in summer as in winter. Northwest of the lake is Mount Úlfarsfell, with its many hiking trails, and the view from there is one of the best over our capital, Reykjavík.

On the north bank of Hafravatn.


Looking west over Hafravatn, towards Úlfarsárdalur. Several older cottages are by the lake.

Photographs and text : Páll Stefánsson