Iceland’s beautiful national costume will be in the spotlight during the National Day celebrations coming up soon at the Árbær Open Air Museum on 17th June. Guests are more than welcome to come dressed in their own national costumes for the occasion. Fjallkona – the Lady of the Mountain, will be formally decorated with traditional ‘Skautbúning’ regalia at 14:00.

At 13:00 members of the Classic Car Club of Iceland arrive for a special exhibition of vintage cars.

Up in the loft at the original Árbær farmhouse building tasty Icelandic ‘lummur’ pancakes will be cooked as yarn is spun in the traditional way. At number 4 Lækjargata you can find out all about consumption patterns in the twentieth century at the Neyzlan exhibition, and at the Come and Play display in Landakot, especially for the kids, there will be a variety of vintage toys from different times to play with. Kids can also visit the old playground and play on the swings and see-saw or in the sandpit.

Light refreshments will be available as usual at Dillon’s Café!

National Day Celebrations at the Árbær Open Air Museum

Free admission for people in their national costumes

Admission is free for children, disabled and those wearing their national costume.