Patreksfjörður is the western-most town of Europe and the second largest town of the Westfjords. Patreksfjörður has a great cultural and historical importance. The town has a long history of fishing and trade; it was a base of English, French and German fishermen, merchants and naval mariners in the early days.

This tour is a great way of getting to know the charming Patreksfjörður town. The village is full of life, with eco-friendly long-line fishing and fish processing as the key livelihood. The fast development of the Icelandic fishery sector was spearheaded in Patreksfjörður throughout the 20th century. Fresh, frozen and salted cod, haddock and Atlantic catfish are exported to key markets in Europe, including fresh products to COOP in Switzerland, and bacalao to Spain and Italy. Salmon farming is also growing rapidly, based on stringent environmental criteria and product quality, sold in the renowned Whole Foods stores in USA.

The guide will walk us through Vatneyri, vivid harbour area and the fish market.

On this tour you will get to know the village and its history by heart, while inhaling the relaxed local atmosphere.

Þórsgata 8a
450 Patreksfjörður, Iceland
Tel.: +354 456 5006
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