A hot dog with “everything”

The same family has run the hot dog stand Bæjarinn Beztu Pylsur in the centre of Reykjavík for five generations or since 1937. The shed on the corner of Pósthússtræti and Tryggvagata has long been one of the fixed points in the capital’s townscape. Not only do Icelanders flock there, but an incredible number of customers are tourists trying out the most Icelandic dish of all, a hot dog with everything. “Everything” includes raw and fried onions, mustard, remoulade and ketchup, plus SS sausage in white bread. One of the Bæjarins Beztu most famous guests is former US President Bill Clinton, who just wanted mustard on his hot dog.

The weather yesterday did not deter people from getting one hot dog with “everything”.


Reykjavík 05/10/2021 18:08 – RX1 R II: 2.0 / 35 Z

Photo and text: Páll Stefánsson