Árbær Open Air Museum Christmas Program

Christmas Program at Árbær Open Air Museum
10th & 17th of December from 1pm – 4pm

Celebrate Advent and Christmas in the old-fashioned way at the Árbær Open Air Museum on Sunday, 10 December, and 17 December.

With activities in all areas of the museum, there will be plenty for visitors of all ages to see and do while strolling between the charming traditional houses and taking in the festive Christmas atmosphere. Those naughty Christmas Lads will be out and about, and we will sing and dance with them around the Christmas tree.

The Christmas preparations are in full swing in the village. At the Árbær farm, you can see how traditional Icelandic Leaf Bread is decorated and how sheep wool is spun. Visitors to Hábær will be able to get a taste of traditional Icelandic hangikjöt (smoked lamb), and at Nýlenda House, a man is carving funny figures out of wood.

At Efstibær, the customary Skate fish with its awful smell is cooking in the pot, while at Miðhús, the printer makes Christmas cards. At the Stable in Garðastræti, candles are made traditionally. At the Village Square, people can taste sweet roasted almonds.

Main events:
14:00 Service at the Church
15:00 Singing and dancing around the Christmas tree
14:00-16:00 Entertainment with the Christmas Lads

Admission is free for children, people with disabilities and City Card holders. Others pay ISK 2,220.

Kistuhylur 110 Reykjavík

+354 411 6320

[email protected]


December 10th & 17th



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