Broddanes Hostel

The guesthouse is open from May 10th through September 20th and during this period the reception is open daily from 8:00-10:00 and 17:00-22:00. Outside these hours the staff can normally be reached by phone.

In the apartment on the upper floor, five double bedrooms and one single bedroom are available. Two common WC´s are on the upper floor as well as two showers.

On the lower floor, two family rooms are available, one accommodating up to 4-persons and one up to 6-persons. In both these rooms, accommodation is by bunk beds for two. Two WC´s are on the lower floor, one for each sex. Two common showers are also on the lower floor.

It is possible to get accommodation in a made up bed or guests can choose to bring their own blankets and pillows or their sleeping bags, whatever suits each guest.

Spaceous and fully equipped kitchens are located on both floors. Guests have access to these kitchens, dining rooms and sitting rooms where they can watch TV, listen to music, surf the internet, read papers, magazines and books, or just simply enjoy the view. Guests should consider that no food service is available and the closest convenient store is 35 km away.

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Broddanesskóli 510 Hólmavík


[email protected]

Open from 10/05/2009 to 20/09/2009



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