Fish Spa Iceland

Fish Spa Iceland is the first spa in Iceland to offer an unusual but increasingly popular type of pedicure, using the lovely Gurra Rufa fish to exfoliate and reinvigorate tired feet. 

The Guarra Rufa, sometimes nicknamed doctor fish, is a fish species which feeds on dead skin by instinct. The fish have no teeth and thus can not bite or cause any harm or pain, instead they massage the skin with their tongue which works a bit like sandpaper, leaving your skin incredibly soft and clean.

Fish Spa Iceland is a unique place for those that take good care of their body and soul and want to feel good. It offers a soothing environment where everybody leaves refreshed and with a smile on their face.

Hverfisgata 98 101 Reykjavík

+354 547 7770, +354 776 8200

[email protected]

Mon-Sat 13:00-19:00 Sun 13:00-16:00



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