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Kidka knitting company

Kidka is a knitting and sewing company with roots back to 1972. They have made high-quality Icelandic wool clothing and products since 2008 under the name Kidka, synonym with beautiful and fashionable high-quality designs.

Kidka offers guided tours around the knitting factory so you can see how different items are being made. Clothing like the traditional Icelandic wool sweater, hats, gloves and scarves. The tour offers an insight into the fabrication of these items. There is also a store adjoining the factory.

Enthusiasts can also make their own hats in the factory. No special skills are required but you need to book this in advance.

Kidka North Iceland

Kidka Products

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Höfðabraut 34 530 Hvammstangi

+354 451 0060 / 451 2827

[email protected]