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In relation to the exhibition, Behind the scenes with Einar Þorsteinn, the Design Museum will offer a drawing workshop on Friday the 8th of February. The lighting designers from Myrkraverk will convert the exhibition space into a play of shadows. Equipped with drawing tools and the guidance of the artists Baldur Björnsson and Brynja Björnsdóttir participants can capture the beautiful often complicated shapes reflected from Einar´s work. It is an opportunity to get to know Einar´s (1942-1914) work and the possibilities that he leaves behind for us to discover and enjoy.

The workshops start at 19:00, 20:00, 21:00 og 22:00.

16. febrúar:

Jennifer Barrett will give a guided tour around the exhibition Behind the Scenes With Einar Þorsteinn on the 16th of February at 13:00. As part of her museum studies at the University of Iceland Jennifer has been working as an intern at the Design Museum getting to know Einar Þorsteinn through the work he left behind. We would say that their relationship is a match made in heaven.

Entrance fee to the museum applies.

Safnið er opið alla daga nema mánudaga, frá 12 – 17.

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