Seyðisfjörður: A Pearl in the Eastfjords
塞济斯菲厄泽/ Seyðisfjörður: 东部峡湾的一颗明珠

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icelandic times Top-3 Mt. BjolfurHótel Aldan Offers Friendly and Personal Service, Delicious Food Sourced From Local Ingredients and Quality Accommodation
阿尔丹酒店/ Hótel Aldan 服务体贴周到,美食就地取材,住宿环境雅致
Seyðisfjörður is a small fishing town on the east coast of Iceland, with a population of just 700, but it is so much more. It has been a cultural hotspot from the late 1800s, and a modern day haven for artists and an all-around hipster mecca complete with an art school and summer festivals. The town is situated among high mountain peaks, gorgeous waterfalls and historic old houses. During calm winter nights you could experience the magnificent mountains covered with snow bathed in moonlight and if you’re lucky, you could see the northern lights dancing in the sky. Hótel Aldan, a darling 23-room hotel situated in three historical buildings that used to house the town’s bank, the post office and store for close to a century, is at the centre of it all.  The hotel also offers two family apartments in the town’s oldest school buildings.
塞济斯菲厄泽/ Seyðisfjörður是冰岛东部一个小渔镇,人口只有700人,但它留给人们的印象远不止这些。19世纪末以来,它一直是一个文化中心,随着一所美术学校的建立及各种夏季节日的举办,这里成了现代艺术家的天堂。各色达人也把这里视为心中的乐土。小镇周围群峰林立,美丽的瀑布和沉淀着历史的古老的房子随处可见。在冬日平静的夜晚,您可以一睹清冷的月光下雪压群峰的壮丽景观,如果运气好,您还可以看到天际绚烂的“极光之舞”。阿尔丹酒店/ Hótel Aldan坐落在三栋古老建筑的中央,约一百年前,这三栋建筑曾经是小镇的银行、邮局及商店所在地。酒店设有23套舒适的客房,两套家庭公寓,公寓所在的位置是小镇最古老的校舍所在地。


Hotel Aldan in Seyðisfjörður

Upscale Stay
Hótel Aldan features tasteful rooms that are decorated perfectly with vintage furniture, antique lamps and soft furnishings imported from India. The beds are outfitted with comfortable mattresses, quality linens and luxurious down duvets. The hotel is open year-round and is a favourite for locals and tourists alike. Furthermore, movie buffs are thrilled to learn that the hotel was featured prominently in Ben Stiller’s 2013 film, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
阿尔丹酒店/ Hótel Aldan的客房古朴雅致,房间内的老式家俱、古风灯具以及柔软的室内装饰,都是从印度进口而来。床垫宽大舒适,质地细密的床单以及豪华羽绒被让您得以充分休息。酒店全年营业,深得冰岛当地人和游客的喜爱。此外,对于影迷们来说,最激动人心的是,酒店在本·斯蒂勒2013年出演的电影《白日梦想家》中,曾作为一个重要的外景地。

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Various Dinner Options
After a day exploring the region, be sure to visit one of Hótel Aldan’s three restaurants. Skaftfell Bistro, which is open year round and situated in the basement of the Skaftfell Visual Arts Center, features a delectably diverse menu ranging from local, fresh lamb and fish dishes to langoustine-topped pizzas. Nordic Restaurant, which is open for breakfast and lunch all year and dinner from May to September, features the best fine dining experience in town with tasteful décor, a friendly staff, fresh fish, local ingredients and unique choices such as a goat cheese salad. Norð Austur, a sushi bar open from May to September, is not to be missed in the summer for its super fresh catch, trained sushi chefs and exciting Japanese menu of starters, sushi dishes and drinks.
在小镇游玩了一天之后,别忘了到阿尔丹酒店/ Hótel Aldan的三个餐厅看一看。斯卡夫塔费德酒吧/ Skaftfell Bistro,位于斯卡夫塔费德视觉艺术中心/ Skaftfell Visual Arts Center 的地下室,提供多种美味菜肴,包括地方特色菜、新鲜羔羊肉、鲜鱼以及龙虾披萨等,餐厅全年开放。北欧餐厅/ Nordic Restaurant,格调雅致,服务友好,提供地方特色菜、鲜鱼及诸如山羊奶酪沙拉等特色菜品,让您获得全镇最好的美食体验,餐厅全年供应早餐和午餐,每年5~9月,除早、午餐外,还供应晚餐。诺斯·奥斯图尔/ Norð Austur餐厅,是一个夏季(5月至9月)营业的寿司吧,餐厅所选用的鱼超级新鲜,寿司师傅训练有素。餐厅所提供的可口的开胃菜、美味的寿司,以及各种酒水饮料让您一饱口福。您夏季来此,千万不要错过。


When planning your next trip to the region, keep Hótel Aldan in mind for comfort, class and top-notch dining.
如果您计划来塞济斯菲厄泽/ Seyðisfjörður小镇旅游,您可一定要记得阿尔丹酒店/ Hótel Aldan会为您提供的顶级美食和舒适雅致的就餐环境!

Hótel Aldan

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