Grindavík is the sixteenth largest town in Iceland, with 3,800 inhabitants, of which 800 are children in the town’s primary and kindergarten schools. Grindavík is one of the strongest fishing settlements in the country. Grindavík is also a tourist town, as the Blue Lagoon (4 km), Keflavík Airport (25 km) or Reykjavík are only a good half hour’s drive away. Today the population is zero. The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management has closed the town. A volcanic tunnel runs under the town, which has been evacuated. No one knows if, where or when an eruption will occur, not even our best scientists know, but one thing is for sure Icelandic Times is watching closely… if something should happen.

The lava tunnel can be seen as the red line, going through Grindavík, Keflavík airport can be seen in the top left side. Map from Rúv made by Kristrún Eyjólfsdóttur

The most important building in Iceland right now, the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management’s headquarters in Skógarhlið, everyone is on duty, 24/7, because the stakes are high

Grindavík, a town of 3800 inhabitants, now stands empty as it should, having a lave tunnel running right under the town

Photographs & text: Páll Stefánsson
Reykjavík / Grindavík 102/11/2023 – A7C, A7R IV : FE 1.8/135mm GM, 2.5/40mm G