Twenty chefs from all over the world have descended upon Reykjavik where they will be cooking up a storm this week, at Reykjavik’s 14th Annual Food & Fun Festival. Some are up and coming young chefs eager to test their mettle, others are seasoned chefs with a Michelin star under their belt. But all are here for the challenge of delivering a culinary masterpiece and win the coveted Food & Fun Chef of the Year competition.

Each chef will be assigned to one of twenty participating local restaurants, where they will enjoy free reign to create a minimum 3 course menu, made with predominantly Icelandic ingredients. Each restaurant will then present their chef’s menu to the public during festival week, giving patrons an opportunity to weigh in on some truly memorable food. On the last day, contestants will prepare 3 dishes at the Harpa Concert Hall for a panel of international judges to sample. The ten judges, successful chefs in their own right, with impressive pedigrees in the culinary world, will announce the winners in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

During their stay, the chefs will get a chance to experience Iceland’s extraordinary nature, visit food-related businesses, and will be taking a look at what Iceland’s chefs outside of Reykjavik have been doing. It’s a great opportunity for Icelandic and foreign chefs to hone their talents, their creativity and their passion for creating exceptional food. The festival has helped to promote Icelandic foods to foreign chefs, visitors and the media and has been covered in publications such as Food & Wine Magazine in the US, the French Les Echos, the Danish Gastro magazine and the Spanish Canibales.   

Menus have been posted online at https://www.foodandfun.is/restaurants-2015/ and you can browse the chef’s offerings and book a table at any one of the 20 participating restaurants.