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The 1783 eruption in Lakagígar is thought to have erupted the largest quantity of lava in a single eruption in historic times and is also the deadliest in historic times.

The area around Lakagígar is breathtakingly beautiful,see here pictures by Björn Rúrkisson.

Tjarnargígur in Lakagígar southeast Iceland18. Screen Shot. Tjarnargigur Craterlake.Tjarnargígur in Lakagígar southeast Iceland

12. Screen Shot. Texture of the land is fascinating.13. Screen Shot. 135 craters line up on the 17 mile long Laki eruptive fissure of the summer 1783.17. Screen Shot. Delicate growth between and in the craters.20. Screen Shot. Part of the Laki fissure4. Screen Shot. Tjarnargigur Craterlake.Photo: Björn Rúriksson