I’m Ellis O’Connor and I’m a visual artist working in painting, printmaking and photography from Scotland.

I am currently living and working in the North of Iceland specifically Olafsfjordur where I am artist in residence with the Organisation Listhus Art Space. 

Since I have been here I have been documenting the shifting landscapes and the progressive effects of climate change on the coastline of the North.


IMG_6704It has been very interesting for me to be here throughout the dark winter and to see how my work responds and develops in this type of environment! I have built up a large body of new work and also aim to take this project that I have developed here in the North of Iceland further afield, this time to the Archipelago of Svalbard! I aim to connect these landscapes and also mark a comparison between Iceland and Svalbard.


IMG_6007Here is the link to my project if you would like to know some more, also my website if you would like to view my work that I have produced in Iceland,