Ride with Óðinn and Sleipnir

Active North Tours Take You Into the World of the Norse Gods

When you drive in a car or coach, you cover the ground quickly but you miss so much. When you take the natural way, riding a comfortable Icelandic horse, biking or hiking, you see and hear much more—especially when you’re in a place like the unique Ásbyrgi canyon—one of the natural wonders of the world.
Asbyrgi Riding ToursRiding or hiking with Active North, the guides regale you with stories of ancient mythology and folklore as you pass under the strangely-shaped landscape. You might sense the elves and the hidden people or ‘huldufólk’, living high in the cliffs, spying on you. The stories of monsters suddenly seem believable, coming to life as you pass beside the steep rock face.
When you see the two ravens circling above, you’ll think of Óðinn’s two black ravens, Huginn and Muninn (Thought and Memory) watching over the world. You’ll both see and hear many other varieties of birds from soaring falcons to the Common Snipe swooping around the tour or strutting busily through the flowers and undergrowth.
????????????For the scientifically minded, the guides explain the geological and botanical features that abound in the canyon and its surroundings, too.
A tour through Ásbyrgi is one of those inspiring experiences that will live forever in your memory.

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