At the Centre of the Arctic Bow

Hvanneyri Guesthouse accommodates all budgets

005Siglufjörður, nestled in one of Iceland’s most scenic fjords, is becoming better known to travellers today. Following the opening of the new tunnels linking it with Ólafsfjörður, travelling to this town at the end of the world has become much easier and enjoyable.
hvanneyri siglufordur icelandic timesThere are so many good reasons to travel to this northernmost town on the Troll peninsula. The trip itself is stunning in its beauty, there is culture and history at every turn and, for nature lovers and photographers enough to enjoy for weeks on end. This area is known as the Arctic Bow.
umhvflRight in the centre of it all is Hvanneyri Guesthouse in Siglufjörður. It provides a perfect base for forays into the surrounding areas. With accommodation ranging from lavish suites to dorms, Katrín and her family are justifiably proud of being able to offer a room to fit every budget.
029This is a family run guesthouse that has the warm atmosphere of a home, where a special emphasis on friendly service is felt by all who stay here.
The town’s restaurants, shops and bakery are practically within arms’ reach, as are the Herring Era museum and Folk Music Centre. Many activities are possible here, though hiking and photography are probably the most popular. – ASF

Hvanneyri Guesthouse

Adalgata 10 • 580 Siglufirði
+354 467 1506
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