SeaTours: Bay of a thousand islands
-Seatours offer sailing tours around Breiðafjörður bay

Breiðafjörður Bay is a place of many wonders, home to thousands of islands, fascinating birdlife and beautiful landscapes. Tourist Company Seatours offers a wide variety of boat tours where you can navigate around the islands, visit the people of Flatey or have a taste of some very exotic seafood.

7da52ebffcb475Display of Bravery
Seatours operate various scheduled tours, one of which is called the Unique Adventure Tour. This tour is on schedule daily during the summer months. On the tour you get to see the uncountable islands, navigate powerful tidal currents, see countless birds; including puffins, eider ducks, shags, kittiwakes and if lucky, the majestic white-tailed eagle. The highlight of the tour for many is when a small net-plough is cast overboard and shellfish delicacies are brought on board, including fresh scallops and urchin rows. Kristrún says that most people want to try them, even though it is just to show their bravery.

3d72286eaad934“We get very different reactions from the fresh scallop tasting, but they have a surprising taste and texture that is much less potent than many would imagine. Some absolutely love it and eat as much as they can. Then there are those extra brave ones that try the sea urchin rows, but they have a much more definite flavour,” says Kristrún. Other scheduled tours include a magnificent three day nature tour around the bay, sea angling tours and day trips to the habited island of Flatey.

861715c886dc66a3The Best Kept Secret of Iceland
Seatours also offers private trips on request. “For groups our Gourmet Adventure is the most popular tour, here we start with sightseeing like on the Unique Adventure Tour but then serve a delicious three course dinner in our restaurant below deck. Private tours to Flatey Island have also been very popular. Flatey Island is one of the best-kept secrets in Iceland, an utterly timeless place where you can relax listening to the birds and the sea. For individuals private sea angling tours have been popular but also the Wonders of Breidafjordur Bay which is a combination of sea angling and sightseeing. Our personal favourite tour is the Oceans Secrets, a tour that takes you to Flatey Island but also to a tiny island in the middle of nowhere with a natural geothermal pool,” says Kristrún.