Delicate Hand-Painted Silk Designs

Budda-Design Offers Whimsical Fashion Pieces Featuring Northern Lights Inspiration

icelandic times budda designBudda-Design is the creation of Aðalbjörg Erlendsdóttir, a fashion and textile designer based in the heart of Reykjavik. Budda´s line is based around gorgeous designs she hand-paints on silk, including scarves, dresses, pillows and artwork. Aðalbjörg´s designs are delicate and colourful, while being classic and playful at the same time.

budda-- icelandic timesIcelandic Nature
Iceland´s stark nature and unrivaled beauty is a consistent influence on Aðalbjörg. She spends her summer travelling widely across Iceland and her deep love and appreciation for the natural surroundings is reflected in her designs. For her current collection, northern lights take centre stage with pieces inspired by the dancing green lights that adorn Iceland’s skies every winter. Mountains, volcanoes and lava fields are also an inspiration.

buddv icelandic timesCareer Switch
Aðalbjörg has had an interesting professional path as she studied biology and geology at the University of Iceland and worked for many years as a biologist. About 23 years ago, she wanted to further explore her artistic side and graduated from the Columbine School of Fashion and Design in Denmark.
Locals and tourists can buy Budda-Design pieces at a number of places around Reykjavik including her studio at Skipholt 9, National Gallery of Iceland, Ófeigur Gullsmiðja, Icelandair Hotels Reykjavik Natura, Hilton Reykjavik Nordica and Radisson Blu Saga Hotel, and Gullfosskaffi along the Golden Circle. -JG

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Budda Design

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