By the Skin of a Salmon

IMG_4183Before entering the world of leather design, Guðrún Ásdís Sturlaugsdóttir imagined a life in civil engineering, sketching and constructing. After graduating, however, she was struck by a wild insight—why not air her creativity by crafting leather? Within months, and while carrying her first child, Guðrún set off to America to purchase the leather stock of a closing business. Within a few more months, her talent had lines of customers queuing in downtown Reykjavik.
When she started in 2008, Guðrún only made bags and simple earrings from fish-skin leathers. Over the years, however, she’s built a repertoire of salmon-skin flasks, jewellery, and purses that only continues to grow in quality. Her trademark patterns include fish-skin leather flowers and earlier designs with whale leather, inspired by a period she spent living on the sea in East Iceland.

A Master at Work
In Gudrun’s new location in the Dyngja store at Suðurlandsbraut 10, visitors can see a master at work. The leather-working tools, salmon skin and sewing machines are all present, and Guðrún is happy to demonstrate the beautiful process that transmutes fish-skin into Icelandic fashion.
Gastuʼs products are available in Gastuʼs workshop, in stores throughout Iceland and online. When flying with Icelandair, you can purchase Gastuʼs fish-skin flasks in the Saga Shop.

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