Volcanic Eruption at Meradalir

The X markes the spot of the new eruption. About an 8 km walk from the Suðurstrandarvegur parking lots.

A volcanic eruption has started close to the mountain Fagradalsfjall in Meradalir from an approximately 300m long volcanic crack. The last eruption in Reykjanes was last year, 2021, and started march 19. and continued until the 18. of september the same year. That eruption was a huge attraction and hundreds of thousands of people made the hike to witness the magnificent natural phenomenon.

A better look at the location of the new eruption.

One of the first photos of the new eruption from Veðurstofa Íslands.

Even though we hadn’t seen eruptions in Reykjanesskagi for 800 years we now seem to have entered a new active era for the area.

Eruption at Fagradalsfjall in 2021