Gallerí Fold – Pangeatic

Gallerí Fold
Stig Stasig og Sófía Stefánsdóttir – Pangeatic
November 11th – December 2nd 2023

Gallery Fold presents PANGEATIC, a joint solo exhibit by Danish Photographer Stig Stasig and Icelandic Anthropologist/Visual Artist Sófía Stefánsdóttir. Opening in Gallery Fold, Saturday, November 11th.

The exhibit features 20 photogravures made at the artists’ studio in the center of Copenhagen.

“PANGEATIC” is a dialogue about life in the Arctic waters. Visual inquiry reflects questions we all face such as frailty, life, death, destruction, deception, and truth.

The smallest of creatures, geological structures and biosperic forms reflect and connect life with methodology and materials sparking conversations between technology, knowledge and the incomprehensible.

Stig Stasig’s underwater photographs are accompanied by electron microscope images borrowed from the University of Copenhagen. The images are digitally processed and manually transferred onto handmade copper print paper.

The natural wonder Strýtan plays an important role in the exhibit. Strýtan is an underwater hot spring located in the middle of Eyjafjörður, approximately halfway between Víkurskarð and Hjalteyri. There, it stretches approximately 50 meters high from the seabed, continuously pumping hot water from the bowels of the earth into the cold sea. Underwater geysers are a relatively newly discovered phenomenon that has attracted a lot of attention, and some scientists believe that they are the origin of all life on Earth.

Stig Stasig was born in Copenhagen in 1961. He has exhibited in Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Germany, and the USA. He has been awarded prizes as best documentary photographer in Europe by Agfa and Bilderberg. His works are represented in the collections of the Royal Library of Copenhagen, Brandt’s Art Museum in Odense, as well as private collections in Denmark and elsewhere. Stig founded The Stasig Archives some 13 years ago to focus on the development of new techniques for photo etching and color printing.

Sófía Stefánsdóttir was born in Reykjavík in 1970. She moved to Copenhagen in 1977 with her mother Inga Birna Jónsdóttir, whom some Icelanders may remember for her work as a writer and teacher at the Teachers’ College in the 1960s and 70s. Sófía is originally a singer and worked in the United States. She later studied anthropology at the University of Copenhagen and held the title of Chief Anthropologist at Innovation Lab in Copenhagen, where she was responsible for large-scale research related to people and technology, to name a few. She has devoted herself to visual art since 2020 and as part of The Stasig Archives she works with conceptual ideation and curation as well as ancient photographic methods.

The exhibition opens on Saturday, November 11th and runs until December 2nd.

Art Gallery Fold in Rauðarárstígur Reykjavík is open
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November 11th - December 2nd 2023



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