Crafts and Design Fair 2023

Reykjavik City Hall
Crafts and Design Fair
16.11 – 20.11 2023

Crafts and Design Fair in Reykjavik City Hall will be held from 17th to 21st November 2022.

This yearly fair provides a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of the many art, crafts and design studios in Iceland in one place.

It has been held annually since 2006 and the demand for the event continues to grow, both from those wishing to exhibit and visitors.

At the fair, you can find leather goods, jewellery, clothes and shoes, artwork made from horn and bones, wood-carving, pottery and textiles.

Tjarnargata 11 101 Reykjavík

+354 551 7595

[email protected]

16.11 - 20.11 2023



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