Harry Bilson in Gallerí Fold

exhibition period 17th of April - May 2nd



About 25 years ago Harry Bilson stepped into Gallery Fold for the first time. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and collaboration. Icelanders have appreciated his work all these years. On this joyous occasion we introduce an exhibition of his work. Brand new colourful and vibrant oil paintings, along with a variety of his previous works so guests will get a good overview of his career.

Iceland is an ideal place for creation and has been a great inspiration for Bilson, with its characteristic culture, and endless wonders of nature finding their way onto his canvass. Such as active volcanoes, bursting Geysirs and magnificent glaciers.

Haraldur Bilson was born in Reykjavík in 1948 but moved to the U.K. at a young age. His mother was Icelandic and his father was English. Harry, as he was called, started to paint early on and was a very creative child. His talent was recognized immediately and at the age of six, he won an international Exhibition of Children’s Art competition in Prague. At the age of 19 he became a full-time professional, who was self-taught, self-propelled and completely self-supported. He has painted ever since, honing his craft and finding inspiration from his surroundings each time and the people he has met throughout the years.

Harry has lived and worked in several countries and is truly an international artist. He has always been proud of his Icelandic heritage and now happily resides in Iceland, the country he has called Iceland his home for the last two decades.

The exhibition is open until May 2nd and is open during the Gallery’s opening hours. Due to Covid-19 restrictions we remind everyone that masks are mandatory inside the gallery and guests must stay a meter away from each other at all times.


Rauðarárstígur 12-14 105 Reykjavik

[email protected]


17th of April - May 2nd




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