Laura Valentino. I Remember the Mountain

I remember the mountain

Laura Valentino
I Remember the Mountain

Time: 13.06-21.08 2019

I Remember the Mountain is the title of a new exhibition by Laura Valentino that will be opened in Skotið at the Reykjavík Museum of Photography on Thursday 13 June at 16:00.

Laura Valentino works with traditional photographic processes exploring sensuality and beauty in the classic themes of landscape, portraiture, and the human form. The focus is to grasp a timeless and universal sensibility in present day subjects. Working with analog processes is a tactile approach which allows time and space to achieve layers of separation from the subject matter, resulting in an evocative image that reflects the passage of time.

“I Remember the Mountain is a continuation of my recent exhibit, Earth Portraits, with the added filter of memory to the mix. The landscape, similar to a human subject, is always changing and is hard to pin down in a moment. Weather conditions, seasons, lighting, natural forces and human interference all have an effect on what is perceived. By reworking an image captured several years ago, it takes on a life of its own, becoming more and more like a dream.” Laura Valentino

Laura has a master’s degree in fine arts from the University of California, Berkeley, and has resided in Iceland since 1988. She has participated in exhibitions in Iceland and abroad as a painter and printmaker. She has studied historic photographic processes since the late 90s and considers herself a printmaker. She joined the Association of Icelandic Artists (SÍM) and the Icelandic Printmakers Association (Íslensk Grafík) in 2008 and was a founding member of Iceland Film Photography Association in 2014. She is on the board of Íslensk Grafík (studio committee) and teaches workshops in the gum bichromate process. She recently curated an exhibition of analog and alternative process photography at Gallerí Fold in Reykjavík.

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