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Whale Watching Reykjanes

Special Tours operates the original Northern Lights by Boat tour in Iceland, departing in the heart of Reykjavik, from the old harbor. The tours, which are led by an experienced and enthusiastic guide, run for 2-3 hours and operate from September 1- April 15.

The boats are comfortable, with a café/bar on board as well as free Wi-Fi. The staff provides warm overalls to keep you comfortable and it is recommended to wear layers with a hat, scarf and gloves. After just 10-15 minutes, you will be far from the bright city lights, sailing to a perfect location to spot northern lights. If you don’t get to see them, you will receive a free ticket to try again.

Special Tours also offer sea angling tours, puffin watching tours, whale watching tour, New Years fireworks cruise and various other tours. See selection of tours on their website.

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