The Greenlandic theater Silamiut was founded on the 24th of November in 1984, by the former students of the Tuukaq Theater in Fjaltring, Denmark.

Simon “Mooqqu” Lovstrom was the driving force and served as the theater’s leader. Svenn B. Syrin is the present leader.

The theater has been and still is an important cultural ambassador for Greenland in many places in the world. During its tours in Greenland, Silamiut has also contributed to spreading the knowledge of Inuit culture’s ancient myths and sagas amongst the present day Greenlanders. The theater has focused and continues to emphasize current social problems utilizing satire and drama. The theatre simultaneously lays great weight on direct contact with schools and other institutions.

Greenland’s Home Rule Government has budgeted fixed sums to provide finances for daily running costs based on annually received applications. The finances required for specific projects are aquired through applications to various funds and endowments which provide relevant support for projects in Greenland and the North. Since the autumn of 2005, Silamiut has had its own building facilities located in the old Radiohus on H. J. Rinksvej 35. The theater manages an intimate stage with room for an audience of forty. Larger productions require collaboration with Katuaq – the Culture Center – and the rental of larger halls which enables the theater to reach a larger portion of the public.

Greenlandic theater now stands before major challenges. Since the closing of Tuukkaq Theater’s school, the possibilities for acquiring an education in theater for young Greenlanders has been seriously limited. Silamiut theater is still a theater group with no formal status as the Greenlandic theater. The theater’s most important task now and into the future is to achieve recognition as a worthy public representative of the Greenlandic cultural life which of course will also include obligations both for The Home Rule Government and the institution itself.

In addition, the theater struggles for the establishment of a relevant education for the theater scene which is necessary for maintaining high levels of artistic excellence for Silamiut’s productions.