The restaurant at Hotel Holt has reopened.

Reykjavík, December 2018 – Hotel Holt is proud to announce the reopening of Holt Restaurant.
Exceptional food and service will be the emphasis of Holt Restaurant, qualities which have been
the defining feature of this establishment from the start. Additionally, a new experience, the
Hotel Holt Art Walk, will be available to all dinner guests. The art walk provides insight into the
art collection and the story of the founding of Hotel Holt.

“The art walk affords our guests with a better understanding of the great cultural importance of
the art collection. It will allow us to share the collection, which is made up of pieces by some of
the most highly regarded artists in Iceland, in a meaningful and entertaining way” says Sólborg
Lilja Steinþórsdóttir, General Manager at Hotel Holt.
Operations of Holt Restaurant will now be in the hands of the hotel. This is a departure from
previous years during which the two were run as independent companies. The head-chef is Ægir
Friðriksson. Ægir has held the role of head-chef at Cafe Flora, and Satt at Icelandair Hotel
Reykjavík Natura, to name a few. His knowledge and experience will ensure the high standard of
food and service which guests of Hotel Holt have come to know and expect.
“The kitchen is based on a classical foundation in which the high quality of our ingredients will
play the most important role. Professionalism and quality of service will be our guiding
principles”, says Ægir when asked about his priorities.
In addition, Arnar Bjarnasson, the founder of Vínbóndinn, an importer of all-natural and organic
Italian wines, will have use of the wine cellar at Hotel Holt. “This collaboration will give us the
opportunity to provide more for our guests, with wine tastings and special events” adds Sólborg.
Holt Restaurant will be open for dinner service every day of the week.
Opening hours are 18:00 to 21:00.
The Hotel Holt Art Walk starts at 17:30 – registration is required.
Reservations at or by phone, 552-5700.
Inquiries regarding meetings and events can be sent to [email protected]
Further information provided by Marissa Sigrún Pinal, sales and marketing