The World’s Largest – Ice Cap Glacier – Ice Cave to Open in Iceland in 2015

IceCaveIce Cave Iceland, the world’s largest man-made Ice Cap Glacier – Ice Cave, is due to open in Iceland in May 2015. The opening of the Ice Cave, will offer people a “once in a lifetime adventure, to explore around, on and within the mighty Langjökull glacier, where they will be able to see, the beautiful blue ice that lies at the heart of the glacier.
003_Veitingast_bordStolarThis huge project has been backed by the Icelandair Group and leading pension funds. Iceland based, international general engineering and consulting company EFLA, have been involved since the start, ensuring visitor and construction safety. Famous geo-physicist and glacier expert Ari Trausti has also been providing specialist knowledge.
Ice Cave is a potential “game-changer”, one of the biggest and most unusual new tourist attractions to ever be built in Iceland. Visitors will embark on a weather dependent adventure (March to October); a unique journey into one of Iceland’s great wildernesses, a landscape reminiscent of the ice age.  They will travel up the glacier to the ice cave, on incredible 8 wheel drive super trucks.
kappellutest0082Exclusive groups, will experience the thrill of descending beneath the ice cap glacier, learning interesting facts about glaciers, and eventually reaching the beautiful and stunning blue ice, that lies at the heart of the glacier.
On offer is an incredible journey, to an extraordinary natural environment, an exciting and fascinating day out, that people are likely to remember for the rest of their lives. Visitors are invited to bear witness, to the impact of global warming.
“Probably the most significant new tourist destination in Iceland, in the last decade or more – one not to miss….”