Feel the Beat—Feel the Freedom

Horseback riding on the beach with AlhestarIf you’re looking for an inspiring day, with wind, salt on your face, smoked lamb, strong coffee and most of all, with beautiful horses, you should look out for the small town of Þorlákshöfn. Not much more than fisheries, you might think. But one of the buildings in Þorlákshöfn belongs to Magnús and houses his thirty horses, and he runs a horse-rental.The man from Skagafjörður
Magnús was born and raised in Skagafjörður and so were his horses. Skagafjörður horses are said to be the toughest as well as the softest, and so are their people. Magnús has been working with horses since his young years, and although he worked on fishing vessels for thirty years, he is absolutely passionate about his horses. You will immediately feel their close relationship when you enter the clean and bright stable and pet his friendly companions for the first time. All of them are suitable, soft and calm for beginners but he also offers horses for experienced riders.
Magnús’ stable is not a posh one, but a very honest and authentic place. Safety always comes first. You will be equipped with a helmet and, if you like, a vest and he will personally join you during your first steps on your Icelandic horse to help you feel comfortable.

The freedom of horseback riding
Nature around Þorlákshöfn, be it the sand dunes or the lava fields, seems to be endless and timeless. No fences, no boundaries and no people. Nothing compares to discovering the countryside on horseback—it is exactly the right speed to find all the miracles that you miss while driving the main roads.
Experience the spirit of these great little horses, which safely and relentlessly carry people over hill and dale, as they have done for hundreds of years. Enjoy the feeling of being on your own with the elements, with nothing between you, your Icelandic horse and the North Atlantic Ocean.
You will be riding on a comfortable horse either to the west to Strandarkirkja, a beautiful white church situated in the dunes, watching out for seafarers, or to the east along the amazing coastline towards the fishing town of Eyrabakki. You can also choose the trip into the lava fields north of Þorlákshöfn and find the incredible solitude of an ossified landscape.

Try out, try longer
Magnús offers riding tours all year round from one hour up to a whole day. Just let him know what you would like to do. It’s mostly about having fun on horseback together. If people and horses are happy and having a good time, Magnús might keep on riding with you along the shore. Afterwards you can enjoy a good cup of coffee and Icelandic refreshments in a loft above the stable. And if you happen to be hooked on horses and beaches, he can also arrange accommodation for you, and you can meet his horses again, the next day.


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