The Food Hall at Grandi Harbour

What do you want to eat today? You will not have any problem finding something to your liking at the Grandi Harbour Food Hall, whether you are on your own or in a group. Located right by the ocean, with fishing boats outside the window and inside, the aromas of delicious food from different restaurants. It’s a place the locals frequent, so the food must be good. Take your time and enjoy the atmosphere and, to help you choose, we’ll introduce you to six of the Food Hall restaurants.

FJÁRHÚSIÐ – The Sheep House

Fjárhúsið Restaurant might be the only place in Iceland who only serves lamb meat, and of course, only Icelandic lamb meat. Here you can enjoy lamb in many different ways like BBQ skewers, lamb burgers, steaks, hot dogs, chops, all dishes served with seasonal, Icelandic vegetables.

Fjárhúsið - The Sheep House Iceland
The owners of Fjárhúsið – The Sheep House


Kore is a restaurant inspired by Korean food and with a Los Angeles twist. The Michelin trained Chef Atli Snær has a very wide restaurant experience which he brings to the table at Kore. his chicken wings became so popular that they couldn’t get enough wings so he had to limit the wings on the menu to once a week

Kore - Korean Restaurant
Atli Snær, headchef at Kore


The menu at Cubanos is Caribbean based small course meals like sandwiches, corn dogs dipped in a succulent sauce. They also import their own plantanos. Along with Cuban food, they offer slush-based cocktails.

Jóhannes Sigurdsson, Bryndís Sveinsdóttir and Atli Snær from Kore restaurant run Cubanos jointly.

Cubanos - Cuban Restaurant
Cubanos, Cuban restaurant


“The only thing on the menu at The Gastro Truck is crispy chicken burgers, served with delicious coleslaw made fresh daily,” says Linda Björnsdóttir who runs the food truck together with Gylfi Bergman Heimisson. Now they also have a succulent vegetarain version. When the truck is not running around Reykjavik, it serves the hungry crowd at Grandi Mathöll.

The Gastro Truck - Food Truck
The Gastro Truck


Reykjavik needed a Seafood & bubbly restaurant like the ones the owner Dagbjört Hafliðadóttir frequented while living abroad. So when she moved back home and being a cook herself, she decided to open Lax – Seafood & Bubbles. She imports her wine herself, Italian sparkling wine, which she serves with her seafood.

When she opened the doors she had mostly Icelandic clientele but now foreign customers are increasing all the time.

Seafood & Bubbles - Reykjavik
Lax – Seafood & Bubbles


This is traditional Fish & Chips at its best. At the family-run restaurant Fusion Fish & Chips, you get fresh cod from the owner’s in-laws and it is served with a wonderful twist. They use tempura batter, Icelandic Wasabi, Japanese yuzu fruit and squid in. They also have a wide choice of vegan-Mayo dippings.

Fusion Fish & Chips
Fusion Fish & Chips

Grandagarður 16
101 Reykjavík
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+354 577 6200