Art exhibition in Hannesarholt

Art exhibit in Hannesarholt – Hjörtur Hjartarson

Hannesarholt culture house opens again after the summer vacation on Thursday August 10th. Artist Hjörtur Hjartarson opens his art exhibit that day at 3 o’clock.

New Paintings 2023 – Hjörtur Hjartarson

This private exhibition reflects many big  experiences in the artist‘s life in the year of 2023, just like a diary.

In the beginning of the year he visited Africa, something that he had dreamt about since he was a little boy. He was blown away the the beauty on the safari trip in „Masai Mara“ National Park in Kenya by the beauty of the scenery: the plains, the wildness, the brightness, the vegetation and the red soil of Africa. All those things slip quietly into his art work of this year.

He also visited an exhibition „Monet and Michell“ in the Louis Vuitton Museum in Paris, which inspired him immensely.

Hjörtur sees art like a flower for the audience and the audience is like a bee sucking honey as a reward for the mind and soul.

This year his yoga practice has also increased and the tone healing in the classes have created an extra space in his artistic creations.

The impressions of each day are directly expressed in Hjörtur‘s art, such as capturing the beauty in all its glory.

The exhibit is open in Hannesarholt from August 10th to 31st 2023

Grundarstígur 10 101 Reykjavik

+354 511 1904

[email protected]

August 10.-31. 2023 - Tue-Sat 11;30-16:00



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