Gallerí Fold – Lína Rut

Gallerí Fold presents The Butterfly Effect, a private exhibition with works by the artist Lína Rut Wilberg.

Lína Rut Wilberg was born in Ísafjörður in 1966. She has been painting, drawing and writing stories for as long as she can remember. In 1987, she went to Paris to study to become a make-up artist and when returning to Iceland she opened the first make-up school in Iceland. In Paris, her interest in art was ignited and she graduated from the Iceland School of Art and Crafts in 1994. In 1995, she went to Florence, Italy for a course in handling paiper mache in order to be able to make accessories for make-up photoshoots.

Lína Rut has enjoyed great popularity as an artist for the colorful and fun adventure world she creates with her works. Where various decorative creatures appear, including the Krílin -the Tint Creatures – that have become very popular. Lína Rut has two sons with disabilities who both have had a great influence on her artistic creation, Már who is blind and Nói who is autistic. When it became clear that Már was blind, Lína Rut recalled her paiper mache studies from Florence and started making sculptures that she named Krili, something that Már could touch and feel and thereby experience her art and adventureous artworld, just like those who can see. Lína Rut also makes blind Kríli especially for the Blind Association, where they are sold to support the blind and visually impaired. When Lína Rut took part in the exhibition Art without borders in Duus hús in Reykjanesbær, her collaboration with Nói began. Lína Rut’s took figures that Nói had drawn and mixed them with her own figures. She then developed this idea and collaboration further and its results can be seen, among other things, in this exhibition here; The Butterfly Effect.

About her exhibition The Butterfly Effect, Lína Rut says: “I visualize the actions and emotions that sometmes have invisible connections, but stll are entangled in our everyday lives. They sometimes work slowly to build something with no name within us. Sometimes your very existence is shocked to the core at the blink an eye. The beat of a butterfly’s wings can cause a gentle turmoil, affecting nearby leaves and stirring other butterflies. I imagine then, how wafer-thin wings causing change upon change, can inflict a storm sometime and somewhere else. The butterfly effect is how seemingly separate instances and emotions can be the source of major consequences in life. Conscious or invisible, they can carry the power to both mentally and physically transform a person and their surroundings. And yet remain un-named. In a state of flux.

How do we find ways to live on with both the traumas and joys within us? The memories of what was and the many possible futures they once held. Perhaps I sense this as an inseparable abstract and physical process. Not in a state of balance, nor of ready awareness. Perpetual motions of creations and destructions. Of transitions and transformations. Yesterday creates today, today conquers yesterday and challenges the possibilities for tomorrow.”

Lína Rut has published three children’s books. She has exhibited widely in Iceland and abroad, most recently at the Embassy in London in 2017. This is Lína Rutar’s first solo exhibition in Iceland in eight years.

On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition, Lína Rutar’s son Már plans to perform several songs in Galerí Fold. Már is well known for his sporting achievements in swimming, as well as his success in the Rúv 2022 Singing Competition, together with his sister Ísold, with the song Don´t you know. Már is currently living in London where he is studying music.

The exhibition will end on September 2nd.

Art Gallery Fold in Rauðarárstígur Reykjavík is open Mon-Fri 10 – 6pm
and Saturdays 12-4 pm. and on Cultural Nigh 12 – 7pm.

Rauðarárstíg 12-14 101 Reykjavík

354 551 0400

[email protected]

August 19th - September 2nd 2023



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