The Space Between

| The Space Between | sets in parallel two projects by French artists, Candice Quédec alias m i n u i t and Nina Fradet, each presenting their more recent works focused on the materials they are exploring in their craft approach, the blown glass and woven bamboo, both allying Design and Art.
The works of the two artists contain the interstices, letting through the air and the light, are common in their fragility, yet different in their techniques, combining their similarities and their chasms, offering aerial show, playing between the heights and the grounds.
These two projects are brought together to perfect their expressiveness and give significance to this meeting between creative fields.

“Torrential” by m i n u i t

Torrential is a project of glass suspension. Inspired by the rain and the original deluge, it comes to life with luminous reflections when a sunbeam passes through it.
As a delicate carillon, Torrential dances discreetly like the aurora borealis on winter evenings. It is a witness of the environment that reacts to the subtleties of the air.
For this project, Candice worked in collaboration with Simon Muller, French glass craftsman. Together they chose five colors of glass. From a midnight blue to a stormy gray.

Torrential evokes a moment out of time, suspended, between Art and Design. It takes the shape of a hundred sticks of glass drops in various sizes. Arranged in space, suspended from the ceiling like a big cloud. As time goes by, the cloud disappears. People can leave with part of the project, to carry away with them some parts of this rain. Thus, the downpour is spreading, and new rain clouds are emerging elsewhere.

“Weaved: A technique in praise of delicacy” by Nina Fradet

Displaying small woven objects in bamboo and wood, Weaved establishes a dialogue between both French and Japanese traditional know-how while settling itself in our contemporary society. Handcrafted by herself, from a learning with the young Japanese bamboo weaver Chiemi Ogura, these items are caught in-between fine pieces of art with abstract patterns’ fragility, and household objects with functionality.

Nina mixes and highlights the cultures she meets during her travels, through a work scrambling the boundaries between Art, Craft and Design. Working with a contemporary vision regarding usages, shapes and materials, she establishes dialogues between different creative fields with the aim to raise awareness among people to save and pass down ancestral crafts, remaining an endless source of beauty.

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