The Pearl, a five star revolving restaurant with a remarkable view of the city.

Perlan-solarlag-rgbTurning on top of the world

The Pearl, a five star revolving restaurant with a remarkable view of the city. On top of the hillside of Öskjuhlíð, one of the city’s most popular green areas, stands The Pearl, an unusual building consisting of a huge glass dome placed upon six hot water tanks. Due its height and geographical position, it provides its visitors with a breathtaking 360° view of Reykjavik and it’s surroundings. 01-11-06_4442 A moveable feast

Under the impressive glass dome revolves one of the country’s finest restaurants, recently rated as one of the world’s ten best revolving restaurants. The floor turns constantly, but slowly—so slowly actually that, if it wasn’t for the changing view, guests probably wouldn’t notice it. Over your starter you might be admiring Mount Esja to the north but once your dessert arrives you may be gazing at the ocean to the south! 11-12-05_06-57-01The Pearl prides itself in a team of chefs second to none and a menu best described as an inventive cross between an international cuisine and Icelandic ingredients. The menu changes with the seasons. In autumn, the summer’s á la carte is replaced with a buffet of wild game that continues into the Christmas season, when traditional dishes are added. The new year always kicks off with a menu created specially to bring food lovers culinary excellence at the best price in town! The only thing that stays on the menu throughout the year is the signature lobster soup originated by the legendary Belgian chef Pierre Romeyer who, after a friendly encounter with the Pearl’s head chefs, simply gave them all his recipes! The Pearl’s status as a first class restaurant is a result of the ambition and passion of it’s owners and staff who relentlessly try to refine their cooking, bringing in chefs from all over the world and travelling regularly to learn from the best and gather new ideas. Therefore it’s no surprise that this year, head chef Stefán Elí won the esteemed ‘Taste of France’ award for creating an outstanding fusion of French and Icelandic cooking. MG_6131-perlan-print But pots and pans also sizzle during the day in The Pearl’s Cafeteria, from where you can walk directly out onto the viewing deck to enjoy your cup of coffee. At The Pearl, authenticity is not a word to be taken lightly. Everything is made from scratch: soups, crêpes and a wide selection of breads and pastries. They even brought in a pastry chef from France and went all the way to Italy to learn how to make the perfect gelato—and perfect it is! However you look at it, The Pearl is a unique spot in the capital, a place bound to satisfy your appetite for both delicious food and jaw dropping panoramas—a revolving world of delight. (HÞ) The Pearl Öskjuhlíð Tel: 5620207 [email protected] Text box: (if there’s room) Opening hours: Restaurant from 16.30 Cafeteria from 10-21 in winter and 10-22 in summer

Text:Hrafnhildur Þórhallsdóttir