Íslensk hollusta (Icelandic Wholesomeness)

Biologist Eyjólfur Friðgeirsson knows nature pretty well. He is passionate about the harvesting of nature, which he sees as a food source and a treasure for delicacies. In 2005 he started his company Íslensk hollusta (Icelandic Wholesomeness), aiming at the use of natural Icelandic products in their own taste and freshness, such as cheese and a varieties of herbal tea. Nothing is added or changed in the production of the products. 


Eyjólfur is a pioneer in his field in Iceland. He was the first one to revive the idea of using seaweed as a dried snack and adding Iceland moss, angelica and birch leaves into cheese making. He was also the first to create a bath salt from Icelandic geothermal salt, using seaweed and Mount Hekla pumice. Íslensk hollusta also offers products such as skin lotions, jam made from Icelandic berries, spices, sauces and pesto all made from Icelandic ingredients.

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