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Guesthouse Langaholt

Rekstrarleyfi gistingar gildir til: 30.03.2016 Flokkur V Langaholt is located on the south side of Snæfellsnes Peninsula, embraced by fanta...

Trip ehf.

We will help you find the best prices on trips in Iceland whether it is sightseeing tours, activity tours, day tours or longer. We will also...

Viking Travels

Viking Travels Have you ever joined a tour where you were simply one of the crowd visiting one place after another, for nothing more than...

Magic World of Mythology

Magic World of MythologyThe Edduveröld Exhibition in BorgarnesNorse mythology is one of the most fantastic legacies of the ancient Nordic he...

Kört – handcraft museum

  Next to the farm Arnes in Trékkyllisvík there is the small museum and handicrafts gallery called Kört. The exhibits and artefacts inc...

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