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Greenland's contrast filled nature and its exciting culture continues to attract more a more guests from Denmark and from outside the countr... Read More...

Music in the Faroes

Music holds an important position in Faroe socie­ty. It has always been so, but the trend in recent years has shown a widening spread in mus... Read More...

Real Greenlanders

I spoke with a friend a while back, an older Greenlander. During the conversation he used the phrase "real Greenlanders" several times. It c... Read More...

My Arctic Cuisine

I cultivate my Arctic cuisine from a "garden" filled with the taste and aroma found in the delightful Greenlandic natural products from both... Read More...

Faroese Food

Other countries are so easi­ly famed for their great riches, namely several precious stones and metals, miner­als, pearls, wine and corn, bu... Read More...

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