E. Marie Valgarðsson

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Hotel Selfoss

Hotel Selfoss A Spacious, Modern Hotel on Iceland’s South Coast Big hotels are not exactly a dime a dozen in Iceland and certainly a rarity outside Reykjaví...

On Top of the World

On Top of the World A timid soul’s approach to the mighty Vatnajökull The weather report was looking good—a full day of sunshine ahead of me and temperatures ab...

E. Marie Valgarðsson

Never content to put down roots, Marie has lived in 12 different countries across Europe and Africa over the last 40 years, which contributes to her unique perspective of life and a broad appreciation of the many different languages and cultures she has had to adapt to over the years. In Iceland since 2007, Marie lives in Selfoss with her Icelandic husband and the last two of her children who have not yet flown the coop, an Icelandic sheepdog and two calico cats.